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Spokedog Sticker design by Matt McClure

Spokedog Sticker design by Matt McClure

Spokedog was the result of two years of passion, hard work, and artist collaboration.  A group of incredible musicians, singers, engineers, and an army of Kickstarter supporters came together in 2013 to make it possible.  Enjoy!

Spokedog is words, music, and acoustic guitars by David Alan Thornton; drums and percussion by Ryan Vaughn; bass by Lorenzo Wolff; electric guitars by Justin Goldner; keys by Mark Sanderling; piano by Mark Sanderling & DAT; violins by Elyssa Samsel and Rita Dottor; cello by Alisa Horn; trombone by Dan Dunford; featured vocals by Sally Eidman & Lauren Marcus; gang vocals by Taylor Bridges, Jonathan Reid Gealt, Andrew Keltz, Emily Stokes & Ashley Travis; harp by Ellen Mangan; double bass by John Davis; powder blasts by Pat Noonan; recorded and mixed by John Davis at the Bunker Studio; additional recording by Andy Plovnick; mastered by Scott Hull.  Produced by David Alan Thornton.

Spokedog was made possible by Johan Granvik, Stephanie Nordin, Jordani Sanchez, Aaron Spivey, Jennifer Wren, Jenny Read, Amy Bloemendaal, Chase Dillingham, Joseph C. Ulichny, Amy Abbitt, Madelyne Anweiler, Craig Allebach, Linda Adams, Sally Eidman, Kyla Zenan, Jayms and Bethany Harris, Chelsea Hassett, Dan & Sue Thornton, Eric Ober, Jon Gerhard, Karen Marshall, Rachel Lee, Jeremiah & MaameYaa Abiah, Peter & Melody Nishinaga, tsmokes, Lizzie, Lucas and Erin Huffman, Lauren Marcus, Jaema Green, s.jacquez, Kate O'Boyle Anderson, Jillian Sosnovik, Kat Reeder, Sam "the teeny bopper groupie" Salmond; Aaron, Jandie, & Ty; Tyler J. Petty, Kaley McMahon, Natalie Lovejoy, Sarah Taylor Ellis, Kevin & Amy B, John Brian Evans, Megan Downs, Julia Burrows, Dustin Sullivan, Rhonda & Jared Eberlein, Nicole Moore (the 26 year old), Sarah Safford, Kelly Maryanski, Edsel Mendoza, Mandy Menaker, Kevin Wanzor, Ashlee Lane, Sarah Rebell, Rob & Nichole, Joel B. New, Mike Yocum, Leslie Henstock, Kent Haina, Kaitlin Niewoehner, Andrew Keltz, Lily Patrick, Benjamin Velez, Kim Emerick, Timothy & Carrie Clothier, Andrew Neesley, Peter Voyer, and Shoshanna Richman.