David Alan Thornton

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LADY MONDAY IS A Rock Opera!!!

Lady, Lady Monday/She's on to you/She's on her knees/She'll run you through

Lady, Lady One-Day/That jealous girl/She'll rip your cord/She'll wreck your world

Lady Monday is a rock opera that tells the story of a young woman named Abigail who circles into the horrors of addiction and depression after the suicide of her best friend, Cepherda.  Set in the modern-day world of cyber-bullying, dysfunctional families and homophobia, the tale emphasizes the importance of self-love and dignity in an all-too-often belittling world.  It strives to acknowledge and honor the pain and struggle while celebrating the strength to overcome them.

The idea for the show began with DAT's album by the same name.  "Lady Monday" was a concept album that blended his loves for poetic lyrics, catchy hooks, and compelling stories.  Post-production, he felt certain the project wasn't finished and began to build the larger story, incorporating new songs and numbers from his earlier recording "Spokedog". As the libretto took shape, the songs changed to more sharply bring the characters into focus.

On August 1, 2016, the show was provided its first equity reading by Playhouse Creatures Theatre Company, a non-profit company "dedicated to strengthening the legacy of the American Theatre" (www.playhousecreatures.org). DAT has since been named PCTC's Playwright Fellow for the 2016-2017 season, during which time he will be provided space and resources to develop Lady Monday, with the caveat that there are at least three public presentations of the work-in-progress (the position is underwritten by the Dramatists Guild of America).  PCTC hopes to mount the opera as a MainStage production in the spring of 2018.